Dormant (2018)

An exploration of imagery and experiences born out of one’s subconscious. These events bridge together to form an unconventional narrative our of one’s unconscious decisions and underlying desires.

Regent Street Cinema – Best Sound Design. London, UK (2018)

Death and Exposure (2017)

An experimental animation documentary about a photographer and her practice. In Death and Exposure, a young photographer speaks about her peculiar perception on mortality and how everything she owns must meet its doom at some point. The film explores how photographs act as fragments of a time or a recollection of an event or memory. It focuses on the invaluable nature of the object to certain individuals and its ability to provoke and strangely provide a sense of comfort.

Florida Animation Festival – Stop motion Honorable Mention. Florida, USA (2017)
Short of the Year – Special Jury Mention. Madrid, Spain (2017)
World Fest Fest – 2nd Prize in Fest.Fiction. Italy (2017)

Anima-São Festival – Selection. Sao Paulo, Brazil (2017)
AFC Global Fest- Selection. Kolkata, India (2017)
Festival Videobabel- Selection. Cusco, Peru (2017)
Short of the Year – Selection. Madrid, Spain (2018)
Festimatge – Festival De La Imatge De Calella – Selection. Calella, Spain (2018)
Festival Animocje – Selection. Bydgoszcz, Poland (2018)
Lift-Off Sessions - Selection. London, UK (2018)
FIA Fest - Selection. Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia (2019)
Watford Short Film Festival - Selection. Watford, UK (2019)

Fuel (2018)

Cycles. Dependency. Strain. Deadpan.

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