Chitran - Personal project, Proof of Concept (2019)
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Chitran is a personal project in development melded together from the rich Nepali imagery and culture  that I grew up with. It's a way of appreciating and telling an story from a place that doesn't see itself  in the light as much. 

Yaadharu - Ankit Shrestha - Lyrics Video  (2020)

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Halka Halka - B-8EIGHT - Music Video  (2019)

Jelly Kitchen (Jelly London) - Ident (2019)

The boards for this project was created in a way so it could be animated on top.
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Storyboard (Unused)

Circle (Film pitch) (2017)

Dormant (Initial concept) (2018)

Fuel (Initial Concept) (Colour Script)(2017)

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